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Though there are many positives that can be associated with weight loss, one of the biggest negatives is the hair loss that sometimes follows. Below are some of the reasons why the FAD DIETS and YO-YO Dieting may lead to hair loss.

You’re losing weight at a pace that’s too fast and not getting proper nutrients.

Due to the abrupt weight loss, your body is likely going into shock mode. This will increase the amount of hair that you lose.

Crash diets are the worst when it comes to weight loss and hair loss being a combo dilemma. The ultimate goal of weight loss is not only looking and feeling better, but the biggest goal is overall being healthier. The diet pills and diet shots are most often leaving your body in worse overall health afterward.

You’re not eating enough protein.

Your hair has many components and protein is a major one of them. Without the proper intake then your body may pull protein to other parts of your body and this will leave your hair without the adequate supply which leads to hair loss.

The progression of your body as you lose your weight will help you adjust the amount of protein that you eat. Our program factors in your body’s needs as part of our customized program.

You’re counting calories too strictly.

Calorie counting may seem like a great way to lose weight, but it takes more than just counting calories.

While calorie counting isn’t necessarily unhealthy, restricting your body to lower amount of calories for too long can program your body into sending nutrients only to the most vital systems. One of the first functions to go: hair growth.

You’re not factoring your age.

Age is a major factor when it comes to weight loss and hair loss. A person who is on the north side of 50 may have a steeper path at trying to lose weight. When they do start losing weight, they may be more prone to losing hair if your body is not getting the proper nutritrition.

Why take the chance?

Our system takes into consideration your body’s needs and that puts you in the best place to lose weight, gain energy, and feel better.

Get the facts. We look forward to speaking with you.

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