Avoid Prescription Weight Loss

Considering a Prescription Weight Loss Program?

Maybe you’ve tried tons of other fad diets with no success (cabbage soup diet anyone?).  Maybe you feel like a pill is your last hope of losing the pounds that are weighing you down physically and emotionally.  Before you decide on a weight loss program involving a drug, read about how you can lose weight for good without pills and fad diets.  In this article we will cover the unique approach of the Lifetime Wellness Program for weight loss.
"I feel great. I have a lot of energy. I'm up at 5:30 and go to bed at 10 and work full-time...I'm happy!"
855BurnFat Lifetime Wellness Member

Now these words are normal for someone who is 27 years old, right?  But what if we told you these are the words coming from a 72 year old?

Yes, turn the 27 around and make it a 72 and that’s the age of one of our clients who has already lost 60 lbs and is still going. And best of all she did it without prescription pills or shots.

What turned things around for this 72 years young client?

Keep reading to discover why so many people just like Carrie, who regardless of age, are loving the results they get with the Lifetime Wellness program.

Why You Should Avoid Prescription Weight Loss Programs

The fact of the matter is that there are many, often dangerous, side effects of weight loss prescription pills.  Trading in a few lost pounds for the side effects caused by prescription weight loss pills is like ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

What do you really gain by losing weight if you are left with health challenges from the pills that you took to lose the weight?

It’s like putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches; a quick fix that doesn’t treat the real issue. Often times, people who use diet pills not only have to deal with the side effects, but many times they end up gaining back all of the weight or more. Nobody really wants that. – Right?

What everybody wants is fast results, and they want the results to last beyond a fad diet or round of prescription pills.

The Lifetime Wellness Approach

The Lifetime Wellness Program delivers quick and lasting results by starting with a body and hormonal analysis that allows us to tailor a plan specifically for your body.

We don’t just deliver a quick fix, we help you rebalance your body and teach you the skills to last you for a lifetime of wellness.

We’ve helped client after client lose weight when other diets and weight loss programs previously didn’t work for them.

How are we able to get such consistent weight loss results for our clients? It starts with the philosophy of our company and Dr. Rafael Foss BS, DC, D.PSc, owner of the Lifetime Wellness Program.

“It’s my responsibility,”  Dr. Foss said.  “There are so many people out there that are sick, suffering and dying, that don’t know what to do. They just think ‘I’ve gotten to a certain age and this is just how I am.   And I can’t buy clothes that are less than what my current clothes are.’ And it’s not true…it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Dr. Foss notes that one of the main differences that makes the Lifetime Wellness Program so successful is that the weight loss program is customized for each individual client.  “It’s just absolutely amazing what we’re able to do now with our program. We’re able to create a customized plan and we did one just for Carrie. To get her body balanced. To heal those receptors. To really get the underlying cause of the problem. Because she’ll tell you, she’s tried every program that exists. And they work, she lost the weight. But what happens, in just a very short period of time, you gain all the weight you just lost and then some,” said Dr. Foss.

The real difference is that our program helps you get to the underlying body imbalance issues that are contributing to your weight gain.  “We do it naturally by eating real food and going to the restaurant and we teach you how to order and how to cook so that you can maintain your weight for the rest of your life,” siad Dr. Foss.  “That’s really the difference here. And within just a few days to a week, people start to feel very different inside.  The energy increases.  Sleep improves.  The inflammation comes down.  And of course, the weight comes off.”

Are you one of the folks who yo-yo with your weight and it has you frustrated?

Ever wonder why you can lose the weight, but it always comes back?

A key to keeping the weight off is to know how your body works.  Using science to get in tune with your body’s cravings so that you can make the easy adjustments.  It’s time to put yourself back in the driver’s seat so that you are in control when you feel tempted to fall back into some of the habits that cause weight gain.

Succeeding Without Prescriptions Pills

How can you can change your body’s response to the poor patterns that caused the weight gain?  One way is to retrain your taste receptors.

It’s really just science. You may or may not know that the food industry uses science to make you have the cravings and get addicted.  They incorporate sweeteners, salt, and food additives under many different names that make it hard for you to know what you are truly eating.

That’s a FACT.

We use science to undo what the food industry does to get you to continue to buy and eat foods that pack the pounds on.

“The receptor that’s looking for that sugar, it’s no longer looking for that sugar, it’s looking for the healthy stuff. And it makes the healthy stuff taste so good, that’s what makes this so easy. Because you no longer crave the bad foods.”- Dr. Rafael Foss BS, DC, D.PSc

If they are creating fire, our program is the water for your receptors.  It’s that straight forward.

Now there’s more to the program than what we could share here, so if you’re interested in turning things around we’d love to speak with you.

The best time to start is now. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way just like we’ve done for thousands of other people just like you.

Even if you’ve not had success with other weight loss programs. Give us a call so we can help you understand why our program is different and how we help you get different results.

We’re excited to speak with you.