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“I’m 80 lbs lighter thanks to Dr. Foss! It’s not one of those programs where you can only eat those gross prepackaged meals and have to run on the treadmill 3 hours a day!”
Phil DuPree
“ You're eating every day, you're not hungry, and the weight is just melting away.”​
Before Our Program & After Our Program
*Results may vary from person-to-person

Imagine This...

More energy.  A slimmer, healthier you.  Less aches and pains because you are no longer carrying around that extra weight.

How great will it be to fit into those old clothes? Or, better yet, how great will it be to buy new clothes in celebration of your new body!

It’s Possible!

Before you can get there, you need to measure where you are now.  You need to address your specific metabolic challenges.  You need to eat REAL foods with a custom shopping list.  Most importantly, you need ongoing support.  It’s hard for ANYONE to change alone.

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How It Works

Meet Your Coach

When you arrive for your initial consult, you will be met by one of our friendly health coaches.  You and your health coach will discuss your medical history and weight loss needs so that your coach can put together a plan that meets your needs.

Body Analysis

Next, you will complete a body composition analysis.  This report will give us vital information about your current health status such as your weight, body fat, body water, visceral fat rating, & your metabolic age.   In addition, we will complete a hormone assessment that can determine imbalances in your body and organ function.

Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Before you leave your first appointment you’ll receive a full report indicating hormone levels, organ function, and food sensitivities.  We will also provide you with a customized shopping list that is tailored to your bodies specific needs.  Our coaches will continue to support you with your customized plan.

We Believe You Are More Than A Number On the Scale

It’s not just about the weight you see on the scale, it’s your body composition. We measure your proportion of muscle to fat to change your body from the inside out. Unlike other fad diets that cause you to lose muscle, we target your unique problem areas to create a solution that sticks.

With our program, we will continually scan your body composition to ensure you’re seeing the right changes. You’ll see the fat burn away while keeping your muscle!

Start with A Body Composition Analysis

We perform a Body Composition Analysis to take an in-depth look into how your body processes fat.

Through our analysis, we can determine how much fat is in your body, how much water is in your body, where your body fat is stored, and even how your metabolism is functioning through our hormonal assessment.

This analysis is what we use to create your unique plan.

Improve Your Will Power & Increase Your Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability measures the variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is one of the most important measures of heart health.

A higher Heart Rate Variability is linked to higher willpower.

Improving your willpower means improving your ability to resist temptation and avoid unwanted cravings.

Rev Up Your Metabolism & Decrease Your Metabolic Age

The reason so many cookie-cutter diet plans don’t work is because they don’t address your metabolism. Diet and exercise mean nothing if your metabolism isn’t performing at it’s best.

Do you know your metabolic age?
Your metabolic age is a calculation that compares your metabolic rate to those of different ages. You might be surprised to learn this number is actually higher than your real age!

Knowing your metabolic age gives you the ability to shed fat faster and easier, as well as finally address the root of the problem. End the cycle of yo-yo dieting by lowering your metabolic age once and for all.

Everyone needs different foods to lose weight and stay healthy.

We will create a custom shopping list and plan just for you.

If you want to lose weight, feel great, and keep the weight off, it starts here. Stop trying cookie-cutter, fad diets that don’t work. Stop overworking yourself with exercise.

Get the exact measurements and plan you need to look and feel amazing.

From there, we will determine if you are a good fit for our revolutionary new program.

Here's what you can expect at your first appointment:

  • Meet a Health Coach
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability Test
  • Hormone Analysis
  • Metabolic Age Reading
  • Custom Weight Loss Plan

Ready to Get Started?

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